Friday, 16 June 2017

Get to know me

My friend Pankaj tried this on Twitter. I tried this on Facebook. Putting those screenshots...

Will add some few confessions which I didn't put on FB. Enjoy... I hope you'll get to know something new about me which you didn't before reading this...

આરતી વ્યાસ પટેલ

36. I'm good at keeping secrets... If one has told me not to tell something to any particular person, I won't tell it.

37. I have been mistreated so many times by so many people. I strongly believe everyone should be equal.

38. Sometimes people borrow money from me and I forget to ask for money back. Some of them think that I am stupid... But I don't know sometimes I feel bad to ask about my money too. So I don't let them borrow very often.

39. Some people have taunted me that I read books to show off. Trust me, I am big fan of reading. I never do it for show off.

40. I don't like if someone borrow my book/DVD or any particular thing and don't return it or misplace it, I mean how could they?

41. Sometimes I preserve small things like cards, gifts and so much, because so many memories are attached with some particular things.

So that's it for now, if I'll add I'll put it here...Thanks.

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