Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Happy Birthday Dhaval

Hi Dhaval, you've always told me jokingly that I never wrote anything for you, so here I am on your birthday! I don't know if you'll read Gujarati or not, so I'm writing this in English, plus I can type fast! Pardon my grammar!

I don't remember exactly how we met for the first time, but maybe it would be second semester. I used to address you as 'Jack Dawson' in the initial days of our friendship, I remember that very clearly, because I think I found your hairstyle like him. I do remember those glorious days and miss those moments sometimes.

We've shared mutual music interest with each other, we have shared crazy talks about movies, have shared countless talks about our crushes and have done gossip about the whole world! You're the one, whom I've to listen carefully, because you always tell me everything in such small details. Maybe you don't know but I hate to talk on the phone, still I have rarely disliked talking to you on the phone, we've talked for countless hours. If someone will ask me about 'to whom I've talked the most number of hours on the phone', than you would be on the top of that list! Be it my birthday call, or the calls you have done to share your life in Canada, or calls when we used to share happy or sad moments, we've never cared about time, atmosphere and decency while taking!! You're the kind of a person whose talks constantly makes me laugh out loud while even talking on the phone, because of your sense of humour, and you know I rarely laugh out loud, so it's compliment for you... Our friendship has been the talk of the town in college, and we're proud of that, aren't we? I remember our silly mistakes in Zarwani trip, our endless talks in those empty labs and classrooms, your easy explanation of some chapters; as I couldn't pass those subjects, your abuses after exam, your companionship on empty roads till GEB, your opinion about everyone's behavior, our jokes about people whom we disliked, our distance glances at each other; waves and smiling faces when we were with other respective friends of our different groups, oh God, lots of crazy memories...!

Very few people get the combination of hard work and talent, so I hope you'll do something with your music talent, I wish you will be very famous and then I'll boast about you! You will get what you want, just have faith and have some patience too. 

In life, I easily trust people, it hurts a lot if someone breaks that trust, you would understand what I am talking about, I hope our friendship will reach at some new stages in life. Happy Birthday Dhaval, I wish you all the happiness, much wishes, stay happy, party hard and remember that I'll never forgive you because you went Paris alone and didn't take me with you!

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