Friday, 3 February 2017


Sometimes we wake up in the morning and do not want to wish good morning to the people who send messages on WhatsApp. We really don't want to, but sometimes we do. We want to tell them that every morning can not be good, we can not pretend. Everyday most of us go to the office and wish good morning to all the colleagues, bosses and other people, most of us do not want to smile and wish them a good morning, but we do. The issue is so many people go through a lot everyday, but they don't tell anybody. Maybe they think the other person will not understand or judge his/her situation, and that is somehow true also. Sometimes some people don't share anything to others because they don't want others to feel bad for themselves. This is the truth. So many times some people want to lock themselves up somewhere and cry a lot, but some of them do, some of them do not. People have learnt to speak lie. And that is somehow good, somehow not. It is good because they learn to stay happy, they feel bad but somehow they recover in next few minutes or hours. It is bad because that affects their health, mood and other things. But this is life, it goes on, with or without the things you like, love or whatever. Everyday sun rises and we complain a lot, and go to bed every night complaining... This has become life for most of the people, but we survive. 

ખુશ્બુ કે ઝોકે, ઈક પલ ઠહર કે

કૈસે હવાઓ મેં, ખો જાતે હૈ

દિલચસ્પ લમ્હે, અક્સર ગુઝર કે

ખ્વાબો કે જૈસે હી હો જાતે હૈ...


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