Thursday, 27 July 2017

Happy Birthday Shrikant

Hey Shriki! At first I thought to write this post in Gujarati, but I was afraid you might not read it, so I am writing this in English. Pardon my grammar. I am writing this for you because I want to tell you that how special you have been for me throughout the college years. I don't remember exactly how we met, I only remember that how you used to share with me that you did not like college in first year at all. Maybe you did not like the atmosphere or maybe you did not have friends with whom you can feel comfortable. I remember I used to pray for your transfer in another college. (And it happened at last in final year!) But in between all this, so many memories we made!

I have always told you that you were not feeling good in college because you had high hopes and you did not get those vibes from our college at all. You did not have good friends at first, academically you know how our college was at first so I don't need to mention it, we actually were not even able to enjoy college life proper in first year. That's why maybe that happened to us. You used to share the things I mentioned, your disliking and disinterest about our college and I used to just carefully listen. Those are the only strongest memories of you I am still having. I do not remember exactly what we talked, but I do remember those mornings when we used to talk nearby Admin Department. Then eventually we learned to adjust. Then you found some best friends and so did I. But we were in touch all the time in between, because I knew that you were the only one with whom I could share some classy conversations. But then you were spending most of the time with Utsav, Gargey, Hardik, Maulik, Soham and other friends of yours and so did I with my friends. But I was really happy for you that at last you found the friends with whom you were comfortable. We used to wave or smile at each other, when we were spending time with our respective friends. Then again we were in good terms of our friendship, at final year when you used to go to Logic Academy for your tuition. We had some great moments at VTCOS City Bus Stand and once or twice we had great food at Radhe Namkeen. I still remember the day when it was maybe your last day at Logic Academy and I came to drop you there, we sat nearby, just talked about future, talked about friends, talked about how life could be and all those things!! Oh, I miss those things terribly. 

We move ahead in life and sometimes we lose some things, sometimes we lose connection with some people. But I am really glad that we are still in touch with each other. I still remember that last year you called me and told so many nice things about my blog. Maybe it would be normal for you to do international call, but it was totally special for me, I would never ever forget that! You know what happened on the day of your sister's wedding, my cousins came and I had to go with them. You won't believe but even I bought gift for her wedding and I felt so bad that I could not come. Then after I tried to contact but you were busy and maybe little bit angry on me as well. Then you flew back to USA, so we could not meet. But I am glad it is fine between us now. You sometimes complain that you miss India, you miss your family members, it is normal thing. Trust me, the place where you have reached takes lots of courage, hard work and dedication too. I am so glad that you have achieved it. I am so proud on you and you know that. So it is normal that you miss the support of your family members, they would also be proud on you, so eventually only achievements matter! I know it is very hard to handle the life in a foreign country, and you are conducting yourself very nicely. I am sending you so many wishes for your SAP internship and also for future. Again pardon my grammar but I know you would understand my emotions. I hope you will not feel homesick after reading this. You are 25! It should be celebration. I hope you will eat lots of food, I hope you will enjoy immensely. Sending lots of wishes and happiness again with virtual hug. I just have one pic of ours together, so I have put that photo here. (I miss that ear ring, which you are wearing in this picture! LOL, I miss you too!!) I have made this collage for you. Happy Birthday!!! See you soon I hope!! Take care!

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7th February 2012


  1. Hey Sanjay this a special gift!It felt like a quick walk of UG time with you.You are very special and the bond remains same wherever I go.I definitely miss home but my en-devours drive me today here and in future somewhere else but the the bond always prevails with Sanjay(Sanjay Singaniya!! as saved in Nokia C300#gecgdays).To add to above what my neuron recall you also took me to your home and' i also had a sukdi and met your brother'.It was all fun ans neurons feed.

    'Homie is always home for me ' So i am in always search of comfort people and would bee in for same as it doesn't end until you settle.Dude frankly speaking there are no plans to settle anywhere as the goal is explore ,explore and explore. The new experiences with new people at new place has always been my choice and still stand-up for same.Exploration will continue and will keep you updated with all new insights :) to keep alive that bond.

    Sanjay, I am not a very good blogger and cannot pen down my feelings,yet need to learn from you in that regards!! But would express: I cannot compensate you on your time,effort and energy that you put inn for days to bring this up but I am sure my positive vibes and loads of love would balance same.Hope to see you soon-Shriki

  2. #explore typos if any was written over phone_apologies

  3. Oh buddy... It's all ok. I got all the meanings you wanted to say.

    Yes you should explore. You should do what you feel... As I said I'm proud.

    I'm glad that you're also having all memories ... Yes I do remember that Nokia phone of yours, at first I didn't like when people used to address me (or some also teased) as Sanjay Singhania. Because you know how serious I was, then I learned some things, I learned to ignore, now it doesn't bother me...

    And trust me you've written your thanks message better than me, because my English isn't that good. I believe every person is a writer, because everyone at one point of time writes something or the other thing. Like you wrote this text by yourself, so you're also writer. Aren't you? 😊 (To publish all the stories and all those things are professional writings and it's different...) (But you would have my meaning)

    I'm so glad that I could write this for you and it made you happy. And you're right. Home is not going anywhere. Explore the world and it will still still welcome you with open arms...
    Stay happy
    Happy Birthday again...